S&C Bodyweight Conditioning 2

This bodyweight conditioning circuit will keep you in shape for the ultimate season

Routine exercises

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Drop Squats-110None-
Good Morning-120None-
Complete mobilisation and a 5 minute jog as your warm up
Bodyweight Conditioning
Bulgarian Split Squat Double Dip-415 per leg with 45s hold at the end1 min-
Wall Strides-430s45s-
Press Ups-1Max reps in 10 mins1 min-
Dish Hold-145sNone-
Side Plank with Pulse-120s each sideNone-
Front Plank-145sNone-
Side Plank with Rotation-110 each sideNone-
Complete the entire trunk circuit, take a 1 minute rest, then repeat to finish your workout