Lesson Plans

Take the guesswork out of your season planning by using our packages of lesson plans.

We have a variety of groups of lessons (a.k.a. “Schemes of Work”), each of which is designed to help guide a coach through a certain topic. These grouped lessons explore different topics, introduce and reinforce new concepts, and will remove the guesswork when you’re coaching something new.

Try some of these:

Introduction to Ultimate for Beginners

  • Level 1 forms an ideal starting point when introducing disc sports for the first time and was written with children & young adults in mind. The focus is on learning to throw & catch and apply these skills in fun games. Get started here: Introduction to Ultimate Frisbee for Beginners (8 lessons)
  • Level 2 picks up with a focus on team concepts & introduces some basic defending skills. Start with Level 2 – Lesson 1: Hammer (10 lessons)
  • Level 3 ensures that players will be able to understand commonly used terminology, building on the team concepts started in Level 2 and introduces handler resets. Get started here: Level 3 – Lesson 1: Break Around (10 lessons)

Intermediate Level

Practice Plans

  • A series of practice plans for teaching a team to play Vertical Stack
  • A series of practice plans for teaching a team to play Horizontal Stack
  • Throwing Skills: a series of structured throwing workouts with their own video instructions
  • Learn to be a more dynamic and dangerous cutter with the Triple Threat series
  • Who doesn’t like to go long? Our Deep Throwing series will cover all the bases on how to attack deep space effectively


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