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Strength and Conditioning programs from Flik!

To play at your best you need to be in great shape. We are introducing a strength and conditioning program to make sure this is your best season yet!

strength and conditioning

Our program is designed by James, a professional Stength and Conditioning coach who has been playing Ultimate at the very highest level for over 10 years, so you know it’s designed specifically for your needs. Tailor our program to focus on your goals and peak at the right time.

strength and conditioningstrength and conditioning


A well-structured S&C programme should always aim to improve the athletic potential of a participant. This is done through a variety of training methods, due to Ultimate being a sport which demands a wide range of physical qualities. The benefits include:


Neuromuscular co-ordination


Injury risk reduction


Becoming a strong, powerful player


Longevity in the sport

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strength and conditioning

The programme is comprised of five different phases:
  • Off-Season: Phase 1 and 2 of this programme form the first two months of an off-season programme where foundational strength and volume-based accessory work is necessary to help rebuild strength levels that have either been lost due to a long “in-season” period, or time off post-season.
  • Pre-Season 1: This acts as the introductory period into ultimate specific movements. This period will include first exposure to higher velocity movements and a movement towards maximal strength.
  • Pre-Season 2: This point in the calendar should be used to translate the strength and power gained in the previous blocks into high velocity ultimate specific movements. Intensity of work will be highest at this point in the programme ready for the In-season period.
  • In-Season: This block is used to maintain all the physical outcomes trained in the previous off and pre-season months. During this period, it becomes difficult to improve on maximal levels of strength and power due to the effects of increased aerobic demands (tournament and team trainings) however it remains to highly important to maintain to reduce injuries during this period.
  • Peaking: To peak for an event, there is a phase in the programme where the training work performed is reduced. It usually occurs after a period of hard training or just before a major competition. This will usually consist of a deliberate reduction in volume for recovery just before the competition.


“My overall opinion of the Flik S&C programme is that it has a great amount of flexibility as it lets you tailor the phases specifically to fit your timeline. I used the programme in the build-up to WU24UC, Heidelberg in July 2019 and was able to extend phases to match my timeline as well as being able to plan which sessions I was doing on which days, changing it week to week if I needed.

One of my main aims was to prevent any injuries and by sticking to the programme, none of my previous injuries flared up and I definitely managed to avoid other potential injuries through improved joint stability and increased muscle strength.

Another result I was extremely pleased with was the increase in my power during jumps and turns. Because it is an ultimate-specific programme designed and written by ultimate players, many of the exercises and movements mirror those you might use in a game resulting in a good functional outcome from the programme. As a whole, I was able to jump higher and push out of turns quicker making it easier to lose my marker when cutting or stay with them on defence.

Whilst at Worlds, these were not the only things I noticed as I also found my recovery rate improved dramatically. Previously, the Sunday morning of a tournament I’d wake up feeling fatigued and painful but at Worlds it wasn’t until day 4 or 5 of playing that I started to feel any effects and even then it was general fatigue rather than pain.” – Ophelia Byrne, GBu24 2019

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