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Japan, u24 Worlds 2019 (2)

After generating a block on a USA deep throw, Japan quickly move the disc to the far sideline, isolating a cutter for a deep score

Fast Break

Power Position

u24 Worlds 2019

France, EUC 2019 (3)

A successful fast break can often be as much down to the players who don't touch the disc as those who do. Notice the French female player near the camera at the moment the turn happens who turns and attacks the endzone, dragging a male defender away with her, helping France to generate defensive confusion which they are able to exploit.

EUC 2019

Fast Break

France, EUC 2019 (2)

A good example where downfield players bunch into a stack to ensure that there's sufficient available space to take advantage of isolations

EUC 2019

Fast Break

France, EUC 2019

After catching a block in their own endzone, France immediately spread the field then convert the short huck for the score

EUC 2019

Fast Break

Short Hucks

Ireland Men, Windmill 2019 (4)

After a GB handling error, Ireland spread the field and fast break effectively for the score

Fast Break

Windmill 2019

Ellipsis Mens, AUC 2019

A combination of good defensive positioning, coordinated team defence and lots of intensity generates a block, which Ellipsis immediately use to fast break for the score

AUC 2019


Fast Break

PoNY, North East Regionals 2018, 3

After a fast break, PoNY attack deep with their cutters, but show a lot of patience, resetting the disc repeatedly and taking good options to convert for a break

Fast Break

Handler Resets

Vertical Stack

Yaka 4, Windmill 2018

The principle of fast breaking is to take advantage of a poorly organised defence. This example shows exactly why it can be such an effective tactic.

Fast Break

Windmill 2018