Team Analysis Clapham xEUCF 2021 (1)

Clapham use a handler drive offence to work their way through CUSB's poaches to generate a break

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After a turn, Clapham fast break, keeping the stall low and using handler movement to attack gaps in defensive coverage

Breaking it down

1. Fast Break

After CUSB turn on a miscommunication, Clapham are quick to pick the disc up and get organised. The first thing they do is ensure that a handler, Alex Brooks, is available for a quick offload pass. Meanwhile, notice how one of the Clapham players establishes the position of the vertical stack (he puts his arm straight up and the stack forms behind him). Clapham's cuts originate from the front of the stack and attack the open side first; the first is looked off, the second is hit.

2. Dish & Switch

CUSB are forcing to the far sideline, except when Clapham get the disc near the far sideline, back to the near sideline (similar to a Force Middle). Ally McNeil cuts towards the far sideline, then bounces to the open side for a short gain, then immediately dishes to Brooks. The CUSB defender on McNeil anticipates Brooks receiving the disc and performs a Buzz Switch.

3. Switching and counter moves

Brooks is quick to react to the switch; realising that McNeil is now open, he quickly throws to him and runs away from the poaching defender, attempting a give & go. CUSB perform another Buzz Switch, so Brooks reacts by using a wrinkle move, i.e. turning and cutting back to the near sideline. McNeil breaks the mark to hit Brooks in space. Note that Oscar Mondiano times his cut from the stack to the break side at the point that Brooks cut for the give & go; this would have offered McNeil options to both the open side of the field (Brooks) and to the break side (Mondiano). However, since Brooks changed direction, Mondiano is now caught in space which means that there is no open continuation cut for Brooks to throw to on the break side.

4. Triangle Reset

Notice how the CUSB defender in the red cap, guarding Mondiano, is picked but does not call it. Mondiano is then free for a large open side gain after McNeil clears; this is a classic Triangle Reset

5. Red zone

Mondiano centres the disc to Phil Garner. With no immediate break side option, Garner hits Brooks cutting upline, generating power position. Brooks signals to his team mate to clear out from the sideline, as there is no advantage to moving the disc closer to the sideline and he needs to clear the poaching CUSB defender from guarding the front corner of the end zone. Notice how Mondiano's clearing cut generates another pick, again this is not called and the CUSB defenders leave lots of gaps.


Mondiano is still open by a huge margin, enabling him to get the disc on the near side of the field, toeing the line for the break. His defender appears to be picked yet again on the scoring pass.