Team Analysis Sydney Suns, AUL 2019 (1)

Another fast break, this time from Sydney Suns, results in a short huck & score via overload

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Watch the play in full:

A quick strike deep opens up the field, and

Breaking it down

1. Block & offload

Suns are quick to pick up the disc and offload after Flames are unable to reel in this deep throw

2. Crossfield deep throw

This is an excellent option against a force middle or straight up mark, as a strong thrower can simply put the disc wide, far from the defence. Even though the disc hangs a little here, the separation is sufficient that the defender cannot catch up. Note how the pivot of the thrower enables him to open up his hips and throw easily to the far side of the pitch

3. Dish

Despite being a throw across the field, this is basically the same movement pattern as a dish, with the receiver coming from behind the disc. Note how Suns are using the principle of overloading the defence (i.e. having more offence than defence) which is an effective method used to convert a short huck