Team Analysis Swampybarg, WUCC 2022 (1)

After generating a turn with their cup zone, Swampybarg quickly convert for a goal using a series of short, uncontested throws to the open side

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Communication is key to the success of this move, with Swampybarg's players maintaining eye contact to enable them to time their cuts perfectly

Breaking it down

1. Stretch the field

Swampybarg generated a block using their zone defence. Immediately, the player closest to the attacking end zone, #13, continues to cut deep, threatening a quick score. This deep strike draws three Revolution defenders, creating space near the disc which enables other Swampybarg players to pick up and quickly move the disc using a lead pass. Note how the player who initiates the fast break gets eye contact and establishes a target before picking up the disc

2. Maintaining momentum

#13 cuts deep to drag the defence away from the disc, but she keeps her eyes on the disc, timing her cut to provide immediate continuation after the first pass

3. Slowing it down

With the end zone quickly filling up, the handler slows everything down, waiting for an isolated front of stack cutter to set up, and delivers a laser like throw to the undefended channel for the goal