Team Analysis France, EUC 2019

France run a beautiful fast break endzone to endzone in three passes

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After catching a block in their own endzone, France immediately spread the field then convert the short huck for the score

Breaking it down

1. Block & Deep strike

After catching a block, there's little choice but to play fast. The hard work here is done by the deep cutter, France's Naomi Price-Lazarus, who immediately spreads the field

2. Reset

Other offensive players are quick to arrive in support, and most of them move into the endzone; this creates a threat that the Great Britain defence need to worry about. While multiple cutters moving at once is messy, it also helps to confuse the defence

3. Give and Go

After throwing, Price-Lazarus then sets off to the endzone. The GB defender tries to run a switch, loses Price-Lazarus, and she's able to collect the easy goal