Team Analysis Melbourne Flames, AUL 2019 (1)

Flames move the disc laterally to explore different avenues of attack before scoring via a leading pass

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After a turnover, the defence flood their own endzone, playing almost a zone-like poaching scheme designed to slow down the offence. Flames show patience to move the disc around before they find an isolated cutter.

Breaking it down

1. Block and offload

After securing the block, the Flames quickly spread the field, offering options which allows them to offload the disc in a position to attack the break side

2. Dump

One advantage of spreading the field is that it often causes the defence to flood near their own endzone, and leaves open options behind the disc

3. Open side cut

Moving the disc laterally helps to open new angles of attack, particularly useful in a scenario like this where the defence is scrambling to protect their endzone; note the switches happening between Sydney Suns defenders in the endzone

4. Under to away

A technically difficult throw, but put into a space that is undefendable.