Team Analysis Medellin Revolution, WUCC 2022 (1)

Revolution get a block on a deep throw from Swampybarg, then quickly convert with a fast break

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After getting a block on a long throw, Revolution quickly set up a deep strike of their own, quickly converting the short huck

Breaking it down

1. Block & Fast Break

Manuela Cardenas boxes out and gets a block on a floaty pass from Swampybarg. She immediately picks up and moves the disc laterally to Elizabeth Mosquera

2. Defensive clamp down

Swampybarg do an excellent job of quickly clamping down on defence, with 4 defenders surrounding the disc. Revolution players swing the disc several times.

3. Creating space

Revolution players clear, creating a big space in front of the disc. Manuela uses this space to isolate herself and get the disc with a lateral cut. Meanwhile, Mosquera moves deeper, setting up her cut

4. Deep Cut

As the disc is caught, we see Mosquera accelerate deep. The defender marking Cardenas moves across to prevent the forehand huck, and Cardenas reacts by pivoting back across the field to huck a crossfield backhand. Notice that the throw is curving back in towards Mosquera, making it easier to run down as it slows towards the end of its flight

5. Overload

Revolution quickly convert the short huck by overloading the defence; in this example, Mish Phillips is completely undefended