Team Analysis All-Stars, All-Star Ultimate Tour 2015 (1)

The All-Stars defence quickly converts for a break after trapping the disc on the sideline and generating a turn.

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The All-Stars’ defence generates a turn after trapping the disc on the sideline, and they fast break to score.

Breaking it down

1. Sideline trap marking

With the offence bringing the disc in right in front of the endzone, the All-Stars trap the disc on the sideline. The mark is very active, initially forcing a narrow downfield window, and then shifting to take away the around lane as the stall count rises.

2. Defending the upline cut

As the mark shifts to take away the around throw and the thrower looks for a dump option, the player defending the center handler shifts to prevent the upline cut. This leaves a small inside lane window for the thrower, and the handler defender is able to intercept the disc.

3. Fast break

After the interception right outside the endzone, the All-Stars take advantage of the opportunity to fast break. Once the player marking the thrower recognizes that her teammate intercepted the disc and has momentum going towards the endzone, she makes a chisel cut into the endzone and catches a lead pass to score.