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GB Men, Windmill 2019 (2)

GB react to a poach by moving the disc away from the poaching defender towards the open player, then throwing deep continuation against the out-of-position marker.


Windmill 2019

New York Gridlock v Indianapolis Red (1)

After swinging the disc to beat a poach, Nightlock hit a cutter on the break side who throws across the stack for the score


Premier Ultimate League

Sockeye Switching Zone, USAU Nationals 2018

Sockeye are playing a help scheme defence aimed at clogging throwing lanes and preventing short handler movement



USA Nationals 2018

Zone Defence

Revolution Defence, WUCC 2018

Revolution are strategically poaching to make MUD throw long, and put all of their efforts into shutting down handler movement



WUCC 2018

Colombia Revolution Poaching

Here we show a poach set used to deny big lane cuts, and highlight some weaknesses that Austin Torch exploit