Team Analysis Philadelphia AMP, USA Nationals 2019 (1)

After generating a turnover, Philadelphia AMP scores with smart handler movement and a well-placed throw.

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Philadelphia AMP's team defence gets them the disc after blocking an up-the-line cut, and then AMP scores in two throws.

Breaking it down

1. Under Cut Defence

Here, Linda Morse (#21) and Michael Ing (#79) work together to prevent the throw to an under cut in the open lane. Morse priorities defending deep cuts and adjusts her positioning as the cutter moves, keeping a buffer between them and forcing the cutter to make an under cut. Meanwhile, as Ing runs downfield to defend another cutter, he runs through the open lane to prevent the throw to the cutter coming under.

2. Handler Reset Defence

AMP defenders continue working together, this time to defend a handler reset and prevent a throw to the up-the-line space. Malti McKinnon (#12) is a very active mark, shifting to guard the around throw as the stall count rises. Raha Mozaffari (#4), who is guarding the dump handler, holds her position to defend the up-the-line space. Then, when another handler cuts horizontally into the up-the-line space, Luke Ryan (#8) closes the gap and beats the handler to the disc, generating a turn.

3. Up the Line Cut

After the turn, Raha Mozaffari (#4) picks up the disc on the open-side sideline, with Anna Thompson (#19) as the dump handler. Thompson's defender left her unguarded, and when Thompson calls for the disc, Michael Ing (#79) is clearing downfield from the handler space. For a second, Ing's defender poaches off Ing to prevent an easy reset to Thompson, but when Ing cuts upline and Thompson points toward Ing, Ing's defender catches up to him. Thompson is still unguarded, and she cuts up-the-line to get the reset pass just as her defender catches up to her. Immediately after throwing the reset, Mozaffari attempts an inverse give-and-go.

4. Away Throw to Diagonal Cut

After cutting up the line, Michael Ing (#79) clears downfield. When he sees Anna Thompson (#19) get the disc, he cuts diagonally away, and Thompson throws an inside-out backhand that sails over all of the defenders toward the middle of the endzone. Ing correctly reads the disc over his shoulder and slows his cut to box his defender out so he can catch the disc in stride.