Team Analysis Denver Molly Brown, USA Nationals 2022 (1)

Molly Brown plays suffocating endzone defence to generate a turn and gain possession of the disc.

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Molly Brown's team defence uses poaching to prevent downfield throws and easy handler resets. Molly Brown generates a turn after a risky throw into the endzone is blocked.

Breaking it down

1. Preventing Downfield Throws

The offence has the disc in front of the endzone near the sideline. To prevent easy downfield throws, Kendra Mitchell (#12) poaches in the open lane. When a handler attempts to cut up the line, Claire Chastain (#52) moves with the handler and dynamically adjusts to position herself upfield, forcing the handler to cut backfield to get the reset. After the reset, Chastain then moves to stop the continuation throw to the break side. Even though this leaves the handler somewhat unmarked, Mitchell and Lisa Pitcaithley (#26) are in the endzone to block the downfield throwing window. With no downfield options, the reset handler is forced to make a Double Bravo cut to get the disc backfield.

2. Handler Defence

Manuela Cardenas (#8) poaches in the open lane to block open side downfield throws, forcing the handler to look backfield for a reset. Claire Chastain (#52) mirrors the handler's movements, keeping her body in between the handler and the disc, not leaving throwing windows and slowing down the offence. Finally, a cutter is able to get open on the open side with the stall count rising.

3. Endzone Defence

Even though a cutter was able to catch the disc with momentum at the front of the endzone, Kendra Mitchell (#12) is once again in the open lane to guard the front cone. Valeria Cardenas (#33) positions herself in the inside lane, also putting pressure on throws to the front cone. Molly Brown's suffocating team defence forces the thrower to launch a risky throw up into the middle of the endzone. Even though there is a receiver there, Kristen Reed (#0) reads the disc well and bats the disc away.