Strength and Conditioning Guide by James Mead

Strength & Conditioning can seem a little complicated when you get started... don't worry, we'll explain everything and help get you started


Welcome to the Flik Strength and Conditioning Program!

Hi, I’m James Mead, Flik’s S&C expert and I’ll be your guide through this season. I have experience working with both Olympic and Professional sports teams and aim to use this expertise to help people train better for Ultimate. I also play for Clapham in the UK and have represented GB on multiple occasions.

Our aim is to provide you with a program that suits you, and works towards your individual goals. Below, you can start your journey by choosing which program you’d like to follow. It all depends on your previous experience and skill levels. Take a look at the examples below, and let’s get started!

How to select your Training Level

Firstly, read the Strength and Conditioning for Ultimate introduction.

This selection is based upon what is known as ‘training age’, a simple classification referring to the period of training time someone has had, and their experience in different methods of sport training. A limitation of using training age as a form of categorisation is that quantity of experience by no means suggests quality.

For example, someone with one year of gym experience with an Olympic lifting coach is likely to have a higher training age than someone with three years’ gym experience without any form of coaching.

Individuals must consider this and determine what level is deemed appropriate for them. It is impossible for a coach to categorise someone without seeing them and discussing their experience, so the decision is ultimately yours.

The following information is given as a loose guideline as to what level to follow:

Level 1

  • No exposure to gym-based training
  • Playing Ultimate for less than 6 months
  • No experience of plyometric training
  • Aged under 16

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Level 2

  • Less than 1 year’s exposure to gym-based training
  • Some experience of a structured strength & conditioning programme
  • No experience in Olympic lifting techniques
  • Playing Ultimate for more than 6 months
  • Experience of plyometric training

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Level 3

  • 1+ years exposure to gym-based training
  • Experience of following a structured strength conditioning programme
  • Playing Ultimate for more than 1 year
  • Regularly uses plyometrics as a training method
  • Experience of Olympic lifting techniques
  • Has been coached by a qualified trainer

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How to plan your training season

Identify one or two major tournaments that you want to peak for, then work backwards from there to the point where your season starts. Here are the lengths for each phase:

Off Season 6-12 weeks
Pre Season 1 1-4 weeks
Pre Season 2 8 weeks
In Season any duration
Peaking* 2 weeks

*two weeks leading in to the biggest, most important tournament of your season. Double peaking is difficult, so choose your peaks wisely!


Below are some example seasons based around big tournaments, for you to use as a guide to help plan your own.

Case 1: US College Championships

Season starts: November

Peak: May

Off Season 9th Dec – 19th Jan
Pre Season 1 20th Jan – 16th Feb
Pre Season 2 17th Feb – 13th Apr
In Season 14th Apr – 10th May
Peaking 10th May – 24th May


Case 2: Australian Ultimate Championships

Season starts: Sept-Oct

Peak: April

Off Season 12th Sept (earliest), 24th Oct (latest) until 5th Dec
Pre Season 1 6th Dec – 2nd Jan
Pre Season 2 3rd Jan – 28th Feb
In Season 1st March – 11th Apr
Peaking 12th Apr – 26th Apr


Case 3: US National Championships, peaking for Regionals and Nationals

Season starts: Jan-Mar

First Peak: September

Second Peak: October

Off Season 26th Jan (earliest), 9th March (latest), until 19th April
Pre Season 1 20th Apr – 17th May
Pre Season 2 18th May – 12th July
In Season 13th July – 6th Sept
Peaking 1 (Regionals) 7th Sept – 21st Sept
In Season 22nd Sept – 11th Oct
Peaking 2 (Nationals) 12th Oct – 26th Oct


Case 4: European Ultimate Championships

Season starts: Dec-Jan

First Peak: August

Second Peak: September – October

Off Season 15th Dec (earliest) – 26th Jan (latest) until 8th March
Pre Season 1 9th March – 5th April
Pre Season 2 6th April – 31st May
In Season 1st June – 10th Aug
Peaking 1 (Nationals/EUCR) 10th Aug – 24th Aug
In Season 25th Aug – 20th Sept
Peaking 2 (EUCF) 21st Sept – 6th Oct


“Overall, the whole S&C programme was massively enjoyable and completely unique to ultimate. Right from the start I noticed the difference it was making and when it came to Worlds, I was in the best shape possible. I would highly recommend the programme to anyone looking to improve their athleticism whether that be for a specific tournament or just for general development.” – Ophelia Byrne GBu24, 2019



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