Team Analysis Johnny Bravo, USA Nationals 2022 (1)

Johnny Bravo use a horizontal stack to isolate a deep cutter, scoring quickly despite poaches

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Watch the play in full:

This is a great example of how quick and simple it is to score using a horizontal stack, even when the defence is poaching

Breaking it down

1. Fielding the pull

Bravo catch the pull and centre the disc, while the cutters set up in a horizontal stack

2. Peppermill

The two cutters on the near side run a peppermill, with the open side player - #88, Quinn Finer - cutting underneath to the break side, while #10 Calvin Stoughton initiates a cut to the other side but is stopped by a defender. Meanwhile, Truck Stop defenders double team the thrower and poach off the break side.

3. Working the disc against poaches

The peppermill cutters react to the poach, with Finer turning back to the open side to receive a lateral pass. As that throw develops, a Truck defender attempts to poach off Stoughton into the open lane but misreads the play and leaves Stoughton open. Stoughton reacts by cutting deep

4. Deep throw

Finer has the disc and Stoughton is open deep. The marker steps across to prevent a backhand, and Finer throws a forehand deep. Note the trajectory of the disc; it is thrown to the right hand side of Stoughton, fading left, and high enough to prevent a poaching defender from intercepting it. Stoughton milks the pass for additional yards and catches the disc just short of the goal line

5. Conversion

Bravo convert the short huck with a quick and confident pass to an isolated reset who starts behind the disc on the open side