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Yaka 4, Windmill 2018

The principle of fast breaking is to take advantage of a poorly organised defence. This example shows exactly why it can be such an effective tactic.

Fast Break

Windmill 2018

Yaka 3, Windmill 2018

Yaka demonstrate how to react to poaches and show off perfect timing in this beautiful endzone set from a horizontal stack

Endzone Offence

Windmill 2018

Yaka 2, Windmill 2018

Yaka clear space to isolate a cutter, then run a quick give and go before generating an easy assist

Flow Offence

Horizontal Stack

Set Plays

Windmill 2018

Yaka 1, Windmill 2018

Yaka show how to use dish moves to beat poaches in a horizontal stack, moving the disc from sideline to sideline

Handler Resets

Horizontal Stack

Windmill 2018