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Germany World Games 2022: 1

In two throws, Germany manoeuvre themselves from being stuck on the sideline, to generating a deep shot that the US defender can do nothing about

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Power Position

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Germany World Games 2022: 2

After forcing USA to transition, Germany work the disc down the sideline before using the upfield dump ("3H") to score

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Zone Offence

Germany World Games 2022: 3

From a vertical stack, a swing enables Germany to take advantage of an isolated cutter, who then hucks to another isolated cutter. We take a look at the detail of how those cuts are set up to maximise Germany's chance of success.

Set Plays

Vertical Stack

Germany World Games 2022: 4

Germany were excellent at being patient for the majority of the time, then taking advantage of opportunities presented to them. A missed defensive bid leads to some quick break side continuation, then after a quick reset they attack the break side again for the goal.

Flow Offence

Vertical Stack

Germany World Games 2022: 5

Germany proved themselves to be masters of generating space and moving the disc quickly, moving the disc before the defence can react and exposing isolated defenders

Fielding the Pull

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Germany World Games 2022: 6

Following the same cutting pattern seen in a previous analysis, Prien cuts into the middle of the field then away, isolating Beuttemüller


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Germany World Games 2022: 7

A combination of patience then being aggressive with any presented opportunity allowed Germany to move the disc easily and win a crushing victory over Canada in the first match of the 2022 World Games

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