Session General Purpose Session 03

A good, general purpose session that works on a mix of skills & gives plenty of game time

Warm up

20 mins
This drill replicates a straight up mark while the disc is on the sideline, with a cutter heading towards the sideline

A handler, A, starts with the disc on the sideline.  They are at the front of a stack.  A cutter, B, stands at the front of another stack, positioned along the centre of the length of the pitch.  The distance between stacks should be 10-20m; the exact distance varies depending on your offensive style and skill level.

This pattern is used when throwing down the open side; angling the disc towards the receiver makes it difficult for the defender to make a play

A handler, A, starts with the disc near the sideline, marked by D1.  A cutter, B, stands 5-10m downfield and in the middle of the width of the field, facing A.

A themed game that provides lots of chances to practice receiving the pull.

Play with the following rules:

  1. Each team only gets one chance to score; if both teams turnover then the point ends without either team scoring
  2. One team plays defence for 5 consecutive pulls, regardless of which team scores the point, or if neither team scores

The following rules are optional:

  1. Have your defensive team pull to your offensive line every time you play, rather than worrying about giving everyone an equal number of chances
  2. Increase the pressure on your offensive line by letting each points scored by the D line be worth 2pts (or 3pts, 4pts, 5pts etc)
  3. Feel free to change the number of pulls according to the time available