Diagonal Away Throw to Straight Cut (trap force) by Brummie


This pattern is used when throwing down the open side; angling the disc towards the receiver makes it difficult for the defender to make a play

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Canada in action at WUGC 2016


A handler, A, starts with the disc near the sideline, marked by D1.  A cutter, B, stands 5-10m downfield and in the middle of the width of the field, facing A.


D1 > A > B

Step 1

Image of Diagonal Away Throw to Straight Cut (trap force)
  • D1 checks the disc in, marking away from the cutter
  • B cuts Away in a straight line towards the endzone
  • A throws diagonally across the field, aiming for a position a few metres to the back side of the cutter

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  • Brummie says:

    Face Your Target to make this throw easier

    Note that the initial cut should be straight towards the endzone, but once the disc is in the air the receiver will need to go fetch it! Often these veer towards the break side, as seen in the example video

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