Essentials Sealing the Lane by Brummie

This is the act of taking a legal position on field which maximises your chance of catching the disc while reducing the chances of a defender being able to make a play on the disc

Sealing the lane is the task of proactively taking a position which blocks off your defender *before* making a cut; for the same concept *after* the disc has been thrown, see Boxing Out.

Watch the cutter push into the middle of the field, keeping his defender on his left hip, which creates a throwing lane for the deep throw.

The same technique can be used when cutting towards the disc; if a cutter cuts deep (Fig. 1) before turning to cut underneath (Fig. 2), they can establish position to prevent their defender from being able to defend the open side (Fig. 3). Using this method allows the cutter to legally prevent the defender from making a play on the pass, “sealing the lane” from the defender.

the lane

Fig. 1: B cuts deep

the lane

Fig. 2: B turns under, putting their body between D2 and the open side channel

the lane

Fig. 3: B is then able to prevent D2 from interfering with the pass from A by using legal body positioning.

Watch the cutter in the white hat; he takes a few steps across the front of this defender, sealing the lane before attacking underneath.

The cutter moves towards the open side, sealing the lane from her defender with her hip. She then moves from the open side towards the break side, receives the disc and throws continuation.

There are other scenarios; the example below is rather extreme. The initial thrower moves away from the disc, blocks off his defender, then cuts again for the disc.

Note that the use of hands to block the defender is not allowed, although it's not entirely clear from this clip whether a foul was called!


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