Defence Poaching off handlers by Seb Allen

Poaching off handlers who are near or behind the disc is often a good place to learn the basics of poaching

Good throwers will generate opportunities to throw long, despite an active or flat mark. Therefore, look to help with other handler defenders. If you’re playing against a horizontal stack, check out the following links: Importantly, in this clip all three […]

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  • Antoni Moroz says:

    I was just asked by a team mate when is it preferable to poach a handler, and when it’s definitely a no-go. I answered that t to my understanding, it’s generally advisable, as long as with rising stall we get back to our player. Perhaps force middle excludes poaches? How do you think?

    • Brummie says:

      Well with any tactic there is a risk-reward trade-off. It might work. It might not.

      The idea with poaching off handlers is because the other team is able to hit their cutters, and you want to stop them doing that. So, if you can force them to throw to their handlers instead, and maybe deny their cutters getting the disc, then it’s a good tactic.

      This doesn’t mean that the offence can’t then respond with a counter-tactic of their own :)

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