Team Analysis Fury, WUCC 2014 (1)

Swinging the disc is very effective against poaches, and Fury move the disc laterally using a variety of methods to set up an easy away throw

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Fury break through Riot's poaching using handler resets, helping them to generate a deep shot to an isolated cutter

Breaking it down

1. Handler reset

Fury react to Riot's poaching by quickly swinging the disc to the far side of the field

2. Triangle Reset

Faced with a static situation, Fury begin to generate some movement, clearing a handler up line and throwing to a cutter moving back to a handler position. This helps to move Riot's poaches.

3. Offset Lateral Cut

It can be a challenge to get involved from the sideline when the disc is in the middle of the field, which can encourage poaching. An offset lateral cut generates an excellent opportunity to attack the break side of the field.

4. Deep Strike

Lateral movement also helps to set up deep shots, as the marker is often out of position. Fury's cutters are running a peppermill directly in front of the disc, giving two excellent throwing opportunities.