Team Analysis Colony, WUCC 2018

Colony run a smooth pull play, then pick apart the poaches to score

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Watch the play in full:

After running a flood play to create space, Colony work the disc across the field, sideline to sideline, twice to generate good separation and an easy goal

Breaking it down

1. Stack clearing play

The entire stack shifts to the open side, creating a huge break side lane for Colony to hit

2. Open Side Cut

We can't see where the cutter comes from but the disc moves to Jimmy Mickle on the open side

3. Break then Dish

Mickle hits the inside break, and then Colony immediately dish to a handler

4. Deep Dump

Dumping the disc a long way can be a good method of changing the angles of attack; here, Colony throw a deep dump which also leaves the reset with easy continuation to the far side of the field

5. Inverse Give and Go

Colony spot the opportunity to run a give and go on the break side, but GOAT switch and cover the runner; notice how the GOAT defender leaves the disc unguarded, forcing the dump defender to move onto the mark

6. Dump & Swing

With the dump now unguarded, it's a simple matter of dumping and swinging to hit continuation for the goal. Notice the movement of the middle Colony player; as the disc swings back towards him, the angles of attack change. He responds by peeling away to the break side to offer a swing option.