Handler to Cutter Timing in Ho Stack by Cat Phillips and Mario O’Brien


Good offences have lots of options from just a few basic movements. Here, we combine dynamic handler movement with downfield cutting options to give a dozen options in a short space of time.

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A thrower, A, sets up on the brick, marked by D1. A reset, B, stands 5m to the break side. A cutter, C, stands 10m downfield of A and 5m towards the open side. Another cutter, E, stands level with C, 5m from the break sideline.


D1 > A > B > C > E

Step 1

Image of Handler to Cutter Timing in Ho Stack


  • Mario O’Brien says:

    Upon catching, C’s momentum is moving away from the endzone they are attacking, and towards the sideline. This makes throwing continuation downfield more difficult. Therefore, they should be looking for and throwing to a handler dishy cut which provides power position.

    Handlers must get to position early, and act threatening

    Anticipate and read the play

    Aggressively attack up field for power position

    DON’T be too early on dishy/upline cut

  • Cat Phillips says:

    Cutters are aiming to effectively time continuation cuts off of handler movement in horizontal stack.

    Keep your head up to watch the play develop. Look for handlers moving into power position and anticipate and set up your positioning early and while disc is still moving.

    Strike deep immediately after the handler catches; they should look up and see you already open. DON’T just start running with head down!

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