Team Analysis Toro, Richmond Cup 2021 (1)

Toro keeps the disc moving with quick handler resets before taking advantage of a break throw opportunity.

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Toro's handlers reset the disc early and attempt give and goes to shift the defense. This generates an opportunity on the break side, and Toro scores with a hammer throw.

Breaking it down

1. Inside Throw to Lateral Cut

Allan Laviolette (#19) has the disc on the break-side sideline. There is one handler as the dump, and the rest of Toro's offence is in a vertical stack closer to the open-side sideline, providing lots of room in the inside break space. Anne Worth (#18) makes a lateral cut from the stack towards the break-side sideline, and Laviolette throws an inside forehand that Worth catches in stride.

2. Dump & Go

Anne Worth (#18) fakes off the cutter going to the break side as Allan Laviolette (#19) makes a 45 degree dump behind Worth. In a dump and go move, Worth passes the disc behind to Laviolette and immediately cuts back and gets the disc near the middle of the field. Notice that Tanner Barcus (#14), who was taking up the handler space in the middle of the field, clears out towards the break-side after seeing Worth come back for the disc, and his defender poaches off the clearing Barcus to put pressure on Worth before returning to mark Barcus. Barcus' clearing cut opens up space for Worth to get the disc, but his mark's poaching defence stops momentum towards the open side.

3. Sealing the Lane

As Allan Laviolette (#19) gives the disc back to Anne Worth (#18), he attempts a give and go move up the line, sealing the lane so that his shoulders are in front of his defender. Laviolette also slows down a bit and waits until the poaching defender has gotten out of the handler space before making a cut to the open side and getting the disc.

4. Double Bravo

After passing the disc to Allan Laviolette (#19), Anne Worth (#18) makes a double bravo cut. Her cut up the line forces her defender to shift to stop the upline cut, and Worth takes advantage of the now wide open space backfield to cut back and get the disc.

5. Give and Go

As Anne Worth (#18) catches the disc, her defender shifts to stop continuation break throws, and Worth takes advantage of the defender's momentum towards the break side to make a give and go move to the open side after throwing the disc to Allan Laviolette (#19). Laviolette's defender sees the give and go attempt and switches with Worth's defender to prevent the give and go pass.

6. Open to Break Wrinkle

While Anne Worth (#18) and Allan Laviolette (#19) use give and go moves to keep the disc moving, Toni Gomes (#27), the cutter at the back of the vertical stack in the endzone, attempts to get open on the open side. She initially makes an away to under cut, but her defender is right there with her. Then, as Laviolette swings the disc to Worth, Gomes makes an open to break wrinkle cut. By the time Laviotte gets the disc back, Gomes is wide open on the break side, with all the defenders on the open-side, and Laviolette takes advantage of the opportunity to throw a hammer throw into the endzone for the score. The defense did a good job at containing handler movement, forcing a more difficult throw for the score.