Team Analysis San Francisco Fury, US Open 2018 (1)

Fury’s offence scores through well-timed movement and good use of space.

Watch the play in full:

After moving the disc downfield in a horizontal stack, Fury transitions into a vertical stack and uses throwing fakes and the full width of the field to score.

Breaking it down

1. Break throw

After receiving the pull on the open side sideline, Fury sets up in a horizontal stack and immediately centers the disc. The downfield cutters run a peppermill, with the open side coming under to the break side and the break side cutter going deep. The thrower breaks the mark with a low-release backhand that the cutter easily runs onto.

2. Downfield Movement

Fury takes advantage of poaches to move the disc quickly downfield. After catching a long diagonal away pass with her defender trailing her, the cutter immediately makes a give and go move. She passes the disc to the cutter who was poached near the sideline and continues running downfield to receive the disc close to the endzone.

3. Triangle Reset

As the cutters clear downfield, the thrower has no open downfield options and looks to the dump handler. The dump handler cuts up the line but is well-defended, so the second handler comes back into the cleared space for the reset.

4. Handler Movement

Fury’s offence swings the disc and keeps the disc moving in front of the endzone. Meanwhile, the cutters time their cuts off of the swings, but the defence uses active marking to prevent downfield continuation throws and buzz switching to guard a give and go move.

5. Chisel

Fury now has the disc near the break-side sideline, and the thrower looks to the center handler for a reset. The center handler cuts back before cutting upfield and receiving a short offhand lead pass. Meanwhile, the downfield cutter that was clearing recognizes that the handler now has power position and immediately cuts back to the break side for the score.