Team Analysis PoNY, North East Regionals 2018, 1

PoNY run an isolation play out of a vertical stack

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Watch the play in full:

Isolating one of your best throwers as the first cut is a good tactic. In this example, Jimmy Mickle gets open and throws deep, setting up an easy score.

Breaking it down

1. Away to Under

Cutting from the front of the stack to a deep position allows the cutter to create more space between them and the thrower, therefore making more space when they turn and cut under.

2. Deep Throw

Note the few steps taken by the cutter to engage his defender before setting off deep; this helps to generate separation.

3. Dish

Scoring from short hucks is good practice; here, the receiver quickly offloads the disc

4. Lead Pass

With the defence reeling and out of position, the handler who brought the disc into play on the brick is able to sneak up line for an easy score.