Team Analysis Minneapolis Drag’n Thrust, USA Nationals 2021 (1)

Drag'n Thrust sets up in a vertical stack and takes advantage of a defensive switch to score off of a deep cut.

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Although the first cut in the vertical stack isn't thrown to, Drag'n Thrust is able to score with a deep cut that takes advantage of a slow defensive switch.

Breaking it down

1. Vertical Stack

After the pull, Charlie Schuweiler (#55) centers the disc to Meg Lake (#72). Meanwhile, the cutters set up in a well-spaced vertical stack in the middle of the field. Bryan Vohnoutka (#4), who is the last cutter in the stack, makes an early cut to the break side before clearing back into the stack behind a handler. The rest of Drag'n Thrust's cutters push the stack downfield, keeping space between each other and making their cut as soon as the previous cutter clears.

2. Dump Behind

With no immediate downfield options, Meg Lake (#72) dumps the disc to Charlie Schuweiler (#55), who makes a 45 degree dump cut behind her. After passing the disc, Lake clears to the open-side of the field while Nariah-Belle Sims (#47) makes a continuation cut to the break side but is not thrown to. Meanwhile, Brett Sullivan (#2) makes a continuation cut to the open side, and Schuweiler passes the disc to Sullivan.

3. Reacting to Poach

Since the pass to Brett Sullivan (#2) is pretty close to the stack, the defender at the front of the stack attempts to poach and block the pass, but Sullivan manages to get the disc. The handler at the front of the stack, Caleb Denecour (#49), takes advantage of the poach and cuts deep. The defenders are slow to complete the switch, leaving Sullivan with no mark and Denecour with a huge head start.

4. Cut Underneath

Here we see that while the defensive switch happens and Denecour cuts deep, Bryan Vohnoutka (#4) keeps his eyes on the disc. Immediately after seeing Brett Sullivan (#2) catch the disc as the defense resets, Vohnoutka cuts underneath to the open side. Due to a miscommunication on the defensive switch, Sullivan has no mark and easily passes the disc to Vohnoutka.

5. Deep Throw

Bryan Vohnoutka (#4) winds up and unleashes a long leading throw over Caleb Denecour (#49)'s shoulder. Denecour then boxes out his defender and catches the disc for the score.