Team Analysis Japan, u24 Worlds 2019 (1)

Japan flow downfield, swinging the disc around the endzone before scoring

Watch the play in full:

Japan show repetition of some staple movements; downfield cutters, sideline resets, & lateral continuation cuts using the Cyclone offence, along with lots of patience and solid fundamentals.

Breaking it down

1. Swing & Lead Pass

Japan field the pull, swinging the disc immediately then looking to continue the swing movement; instead, the handler turns upfield for a leading pass, generating power position

2. Away to open under

There is a cutter isolated in the lane immediately in front of the disc. She moves deep, then turns under for an easy open side cut. A few seconds later, she hits another cut from the stack to the open side for continuation

3. Sideline reset

Now stuck on the sideline, Japan look to switch the field. Notice the positioning of the reset handler; hips facing towards the disc, she's in a great position to attack up the line or into the back field. Her movement is mirrored almost exactly by the third handler who receives a continuation pass.

4. Inside throw to lateral cut

A particular feature of Japanese ultimate is having continuation cuts that move laterally towards the break side from in front of the disc. This is the Cyclone cut, and this is a good example.

5. Triangle reset

After players get clogged up in front of the disc, a simple way to reset things is for the dump to clear downfield, and another player fills their position.

6. Away to open under

Pay attention to the player who catches the second pass. She is on the open side of the field, and her defender is a good position to prevent cuts. As the disc swings though, the angles of attack change. She reacts to this by turning underneath for a yard-gaining cut

7. Sideline reset

Knocking on the door, but Japan show patience and control to move the disc away from the trap sideline, #90 taking time to look at potential scoring options before taking another two throws to get the disc all the way to the far sideline

8. Inside throw to lateral cut

After swinging, again Japan look for those Cyclone cuts; it's actually the handler from the previous frame, #90, who catches the inside pass. Immediately afterwards, she fakes the around before looking at the inside throw, showing the Cyclone pivoting action

9. Lateral Cut

Playing defence right at the front of the endzone is one of the toughest spots for any defender, and with this much space, it's only a matter of time before an opening appears. In this instance, after defending a break side cut, the disc is swung to the open side which leaves the defender out of position