Team Analysis Germany World Games 2022: 1

Germany used their handler movement to devastating effect at the 2022 World Games. Minor tweaks to the details of their resets proved to allow them to generate excellent continuation options, like the example shown here.

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In two throws, Germany manoeuvre themselves from being stuck on the sideline, to generating a deep shot that the US defender can do nothing about

Breaking it down

1. Swing

We start with Germany on the sideline against a straight up mark. Germany are using a single isolated player, in this case acting in a similar role to a handler. Unable to get open going away from the disc, he cuts back for a swing. Given the mark and position of the disc, the USA defenders should be positioned better to prevent cuts underneath like the one that Germany use to reset the disc; use of orbiting or a coordinated team defensive strategy should make these passes more challenging.

2. The set up

A nifty bit of work by #20 Nico Müller creates an inside break opportunity while also generating power position for a deep throw. There's a few elements to this cut & throw which are important to the setup: 1. Müller times his initial cut to provide continuation for the swing. 2. Once his body is between his defender and the disc, Müller turns sharply to his left. He also slightly points his hips towards the end zone; this reduces the throwing window for his team mate, but makes it easier for him to throw continuation if the first pass connects. 3. A short leading throw to the inside channel sets up Müller with power position facing the break space in the end zone

3. The deep strike

Let's look in more detail at the movement from #89 Kyoko Binnewies. She starts the clip at the back of the stack, backed by her defender. As she sees the throw to Müller, she plants hard and cuts towards the break side deep space. As Müller receives the disc, his defender is out of position, allowing him a small window to get off an uncontested continuation throw before the mark gets set