Team Analysis Ellipsis, AUC 2021 (1)

After a short huck, Ellipsis scores off of quick handler movement.

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Ellipsis's offence moves the disc downfield with a short huck before using a give and go to score.

Breaking it down

1. Windmill Away

Alex Prentice (#9) has the disc in the middle of the field, and the downfield cutters use a Windmill Away pattern to clear up space in front of the disc. The two cutters nearest to the disc cut deep, allowing Georgia Egan-Griffiths (#23) to make a lateral cut. Prentice shimmies her shoulders to shift her mark before pivoting and throwing a backhand pass to Egan-Griffiths. As the throw goes off, a handler defender attempts to poach, but the pass makes it to Egan-Griffiths.

2. Away Throw

As Georgia Egan-Griffiths (#23) makes a lateral cut, Jess Parkes (#24) is cutting deep from the open-side sideline. After catching the disc, Egan-Griffiths pivots and fakes a break-side throw to shift her mark before throwing a long inside forehand straight towards the endzone. The throw comes up short, and Parkes slows down to box out her defender and catch the disc.

3. Dump behind

After catching the short huck in front of the endzone, Jess Parkes (#24) has no open downfield options and turns around for dump options. She ends up dumping the disc directly behind to Alex Prentice (#9).

4. Give and Go

From the front of the endzone, Georgia Egan-Griffiths (#23) makes a jab step to the break-side before cutting underneath to the open side. Alex Prentice (#9) throws the disc to Griffiths and immediately makes a give and go move up the line for the score.