Team Analysis Denver Molly Brown, US Open 2018 (5)

Molly Brown uses handler resets and sharp cutting angles to score.

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Denver Molly Brown uses great cutter movement combined with handler resets to move the disc the full length of the field and score.

Breaking it down

1. Break Under

Paige Applegate (#7) pivots and throws a low-release backhand to Manuela Cardenas (#18), who cuts underneath toward the break-side. The disc pops up, and Cardenas adjusts and jumps to catch the disc in the middle of the field.

2. Away to Under Cut

Liza Minor (#4) times her under cut to be a continuation option for Cardenas. While the previous pass happens, she cuts away to shake off her defender. After the disc is caught, she changes direction and cuts under to receive the disc on the open-side. As she cuts under, Nhi Nguyen, the open-side cutter, clears out of the open lane.

3. Break-Side Handler Reset

Liza Minor (#4) turns to the break-side to look for a dump, and Paige Applegate (#7) stops cutting upfield to make the break side reset pass easier. Applegate looks to continue swinging the disc to the break-side, but her mark prevents the immediate pass. Jesse Shofner (#2), the break-side handler, then clears up the line, allowing Lisa Pitcaithley (#26) to cut back for the triangle reset pass.

4. Team Cutting

As the swing pass is thrown to the break-side handler, Manuela Cardenas (#18) cuts slightly under to the break-side before cutting towards the open-side. Meanwhile, Megan Ives (#65) clears deep, and Jesse Shofner (#2), who was clearing upfield, cuts back under when she sees Cardenas catch the disc.

5. Give and Go

When Jesse Shofner (#2) cuts underneath, her defender isn't there to set up a mark. Manuela Cardenas (#18) takes advantage of the open space, and immediately after throwing the disc, she seals the lane and cuts up the line, catching a short pass to get the disc back a little past midfield.

6. Lateral Cut

Jesse Shofner (#2)'s defender starts out poaching in the open lane, so she clears deep from the reset space and brings her defender with her. This gives Liza Minor (#4), who was cutting away, the space to cut laterally to the open side and get the disc near the sideline.

7. Deep Cut

Jesse Shofner (#2) starts cutting laterally toward her defender to engage her defender. She then quickly moves her shoulders to fake an under cut before cutting deep. The throw is a bit short, so Shofner boxes out her defender and adjusts to catch the disc for a score.