Team Analysis Chicago Machine Endzone Offence (4), USAU National Championships 2019

Machine show off their ability to manipulate marks and work in small spaces, scoring down the open sideline

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Just because an option isn't hit, doesn't mean the offence isn't effective. In fact, offences should be used to dealing with how to clear space and generate secondary options. Here, we see Chicago Machine offering multiple options for every single throw.

Breaking it down

1. (Failed) Triangle Reset

We begin with Joe White on the disc. Machine attempt a classic triangle reset, but neither option is available. Note the marker shifts around to prevent the around break once the thrower turns to face the reset

2. Inside break

No marker can defend the entire field though; after the marker moves to deny the around break, he creates an angle for the thrower to hit an inside break. Note the unconventional swirling cuts from Machine; there are three cutters around the disc at the end of this clip! Having so many options available makes it difficult for the defence to deny everything.

3. Dump to Power Position

PoNY's defenders run a switch to prevent continuation after the break, temporarily leaving two defenders surrounding the disc and changing the marker. After the mark is reestablished, the defender wearing the blue hat tries to play defence with his back to the reset. This is a mistake, and it allows the reset to get open up the line for power position

4. Lead Pass

After Joe White slips past his defender, it makes the final pass quite simple. Note how the thrower uses convincing fakes to shift his marker around, ensuring the assist is uncontested