Team Analysis Brute Squad, USAU Nationals 2018

Brute show off their break backhands in this sequence

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Brute Squad not only break marks, but set up in such a way to maximise their ability to attack space

Breaking it down

1. Breaking the mark

A simple shoulder shimmy is enough to bring the marker's hands down. Then, it's just a case of being able to release over the shoulder faster than the marker is able to react. Notice how the release point is above the marker's shoulder, making it very difficult for her to block.

2. Attacking the inside channel

Guarding dynamic handler movement is very difficult, no more so than when a marker has to protect space downfield as in this situation. A small pivot is enough to bring the marker over to guard the downfield space, which helps to create more space for the handler to attack, enabling them to generate power position.

3. Inside throw to lateral cut

After catching the disc in power position, it takes the marker a long time to get back in position. By pivoting directly forwards, the thrower is able to make use of the inside channel for an easy assist