Timing Under Continuation by Alex Brooks


A well timed under cut will allow a thrower to pass into the field to an open player shortly after they have changed direction, gaining maximum distance down down, and into the centre of the field. All of this would happen as the thrower establishes a pivot foot and looks up field.

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There are two stacks, one on the sideline for throwers and another roughly 1/3 infield for cutters. A 5m x 5m box should be set up along the sideline and infield, going downfield. The throwers stack is at the bottom sideline corner of this box.


Force > Throw > Run from throwers stack > Run from cutters stack > Jog to throwers stack

Step 1

Image of Timing Under Continuation
  • A, the front of the throwers stack, will cut infield to the bottom infield corner of the box and back towards the sideline to receive a pass inside the box from B at the front of the throwers stack Sideline Power Position (trap force)
  • As A sets off infield C, from the cutters stack, should cut deep keeping their head up to see what is happening with the disc.

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  • Alex Brooks says:

    When cutting under the goal is often to gain much distance as possible, maintain offensive flow and/or stay off the sideline. Timing of the under cut is critical in achieving these goals.

    The thrower in the stack should be able to hit the cutter as a deep shot (instead of Player A). Use this as an optional progression to ensure the cutter is heads up and aware of what is happening with the disc.

    If the timing isn't working in order to cut in the correct shape change the starting location of the cutting stack, or try making your fake earlier/later

    You can use these principles for a wide variety of cutting shapes, so why not try adding continuation to all of your handler resets?

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