Throwing Toolbox & Reaction by Brett Matzuka


Different throws are more useful in different circumstances, so you'll need to practice lots of different scenarios rather than just throwing back and forth all the time. Trying to use just four types of throw with four different reception areas results in 16 different throws being practiced in this one drill.

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A thrower, A, is marked by D1 who applies a straight up force. A cutter, D2, stands 10m away. 4 reception boxes, each 5mx5m, are marked out 10m from B, positioned diagonally to form an ‘X’.


D1 > A > B

Step 1

Image of Throwing Toolbox & Reaction
  • After D1 checks the disc in, B chops their feet for 5 seconds then cuts towards a target for a throw from A.
  • Repeat this drill until A has completed a pass into each of the four boxes using 3 of the four main throws (forehand, backhand, scoober, hammer), i.e. 12 reps per thrower.

Pre-Requisite Drills:



  • Brett Matzuka says:

    Use the 5 seconds to shift the marker and prepare your grip

    You’ll need to alter the release points and angles for each different target zone; a hammer or scoober thrown to the right side (for a right-handed thrower; or to the left for a left-handed thrower) will need to be released quite flat so that it sits longer. Likewise, to hit a forehand to the left side (for a right-handed thrower; or to the right for a left-handed thrower) you will need to shift the mark and throw either a high, bladey pass, or a flat, low release throw inside the mark.

    This drill is about experimentation; try without a mark to start with.

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