Throw and Go by Caroline Ma


The concept of “give and go” encourages a style of offence that is generated through fast movement and more short passes. This "throw and go" drill helps to teach players to stay balanced during their throw while preparing themselves to run as soon as the disc leaves their hand.

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Set up roughly 10 to 15m away from partner but ensure you each have space around you in all directions.


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Step 1

Image of Throw and Go
  • Set up for a normal back and forth throw with a partner.
  • After throwing, take three quick steps in a specific direction.
  • Vary the direction of runs in order to simulate varying game situations and offence generating movement and space.

Pre-Requisite Drills:


  • Caroline Ma says:

    Participants should try to start running as soon as the disc leaves their hand and practice moving in each direction, off backhand and forehand throws.

    This may be a bit tiring for participants, tell them to rest pre throw, but the key skill is having a good throw followed by 3 hard steps.

    Disencourage "rushing" the throw in order to run sooner; it's no good being quick if your throw doesn't connect

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