Picking up players – Mullet by Annie Glasspool


Learn to pick up and hand off offensive threats to team mates; ideal when learning to play as a mullet in a zone

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D1 begins in a 5m box of cones.
D2, D3 and D4 are at the midpoints of 3 sides of the box
Player X holds the disc on the final side of the box
Remaining players (cutters A, B, C …) form stacks on two corner cones opposite player X.



Step 1

Image of Picking up players - Mullet
  • Setup


  • Annie Glasspool says:

    Encourage simple decisive language here. "D2, yours!" , "Yes, mine."

    NB. In the mullet role (D1) players may choose to face the cutters rather than keep eyes on the disc, but this makes emphasising communicaion even more important.

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