Orbiting Defence in Endzone by Jimmy Mickle


This drill teaches the defender to quickly identify dangerous areas of the field and deny short scoring passes

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A thrower, A, stands 5m outside the endzone in the middle of the field. A cutter, B, stands on the centre of the endzone line guarded by D1 who faces B with their back to the disc. A second cutter, C, stands at the back of the endzone in line with the others, guarded by D2 who stands 3m closer to the disc but facing C. All players should be in a line.


A > D1 > B > D2 > C

Step 1

Image of Orbiting Defence in Endzone
  • Setup

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  • Jimmy Mickle says:

    A coach can play the 1 spot if you’re short on players

    D1 is going at ~50%; they are not trying to make a play on the first throw

    The point is to have D2 realize where the dangerous/easiest throw on the field is, and take that away. Defensively, we would rather have the offense throw a loopy pass over the stack that we might be able to defend elsewhere, than a short quick unmarked throw into space that no-one can stop.

    As a defender, listen to the up call and find the disc.

    C can make cuts at any time, so don’t necessarily follow them or you might get thrown off by fakes.

    Get into the space they are trying to attack, you are playing underneath so you have the advantage of having a better angle/shorter line.

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