Inside Out by Caroline Ma


This drill is designed to help practice control over inside out, curved throws.

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Inside Out throws, forehand and backhand

Three participants, A, B and C, set up in a line, initially spaced roughly 10m apart. A and B’s goal is to throw around C without the receiver needing to move. Participants should throw backhand and forehand and change places after attempting roughly 10 throws.

By changing the angle of the disc, it is possible to get the disc to fly in an “inside out” shape; dropping the outside edge of the disc to point downwards will create this type of curve.

For more detail on how to throw curving passes, please see our video library:


A > B > C

Step 1

Image of Inside Out
  • This throw will likely be considerably harder than normal for participants at first so should be seen as an exercise in trying to tune their control. It is not a very game-like drill.
  • Encourage participants to try different angles on their throws.

Pre-Requisite Drills:



  • Caroline Ma says:

    This is more challenging the closer A and B are together.

    C should start standing still but can move their arms to provide more of a challenge.

    This drill goes hand in hand with Outside In. It can be helpful to practice both together.

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