Expanding Pivot Range by Caroline Ma


Increasing a throwers pivot width provides them with more space away from the mark while also challenging their mark to cover a greater distance as the attempt to prevent throws.

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Participants set up opposite each other, roughly 10 to 15 metres apart. Each participant needs two cones to measure their progress.

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A > B. Roughly 5 throws on each side due to increased stretch on muscles.

Step 1

Image of Expanding Pivot Range
  • Participants will first step out as far as they can and place a cone at that point.
  • For each subsequent throw, the thrower should attempt to pivot further than the cone.
  • If they pivot further, and still throw accurately, they move the cone to their new max pivot range.
  • The second cone can be placed at the throwers pivot foot so they can monitor any travelling while they increase their pivot range.

Pre-Requisite Drills:


  • Caroline Ma says:

    Prompt participants to hold these positions for 2 seconds after the throw to measure if they are truly balanced. Without balance, a throw is hard to control.

    Bending their back leg to load the front leg is helpful to increase stability and width.

    Extending their arm when throwing can provide even more width.

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