Deep Dump & Swing by Brummie


Losing yards with a dump can be offset by increasing your chances of moving the disc laterally

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The disc starts on one sideline with A, guarded by D1. The dump, B, stands 5-8m away, perpendicular to the sideline. A continuation cutter, C, starts in a position 15m further downfield.


A > D1 > B > D2 > C

Step 1

Image of Deep Dump & Swing
  • A begins facing downfield
  • A initiates the drill by turning to face B
  • B cuts for dump throw Sideline Dump
  • Note that in this variant, the throw is further backwards and B’s cut is longer


  • Brummie says:

    It’s vital that the dump throws the swing as early as possible, before their marker can recover. See Pivots and the Limits of Marking for tips on how to achieve this.

    Note that this swing throw does not aim to gain yards. The objective is to get the disc as far across the field as possible. This pattern trades some yardage gain in order to get the disc across to the break side.

    C's cut goes all the way to the far sideline, and B's throw should go out as wide as possible

    You can practice the same pattern for use against poaching or zone defences; just emit the cutter movement by having them start on the finishing positions. This is particularly useful for less experienced players.

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