Break for Yards by Mario O’Brien


This drill emphasises gaining yards by challenging the thrower to break the mark early

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A thrower, A, stands 15m from the sideline marked by D1. A cutter, B, stands 20-25m deep of A. A line of cones is placed halfway between A and B; this is the “success line”.


D1 > A > B. Use a small queue of players at both ends.

Step 1

Image of Break for Yards
  • A throws to B cutting to the break side

Pre-Requisite Drills:


  • Mario O’Brien says:

    This drill teaches players to break in 0 or 1 fake, otherwise we don’t get a yardage gaining throw.

    Close to sideline to emphasize throwing window closing fast (big floaty swing doesn’t get us as much advantage.

  • Brummie says:

    Aim to throw as soon as possible. Remember that the marker can’t see what’s happening behind them, so start faking early (before the cutter moves) to shift the marker and set up your throw.

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