Team Analysis GB Men, Windmill 2019 (1)

GB execute a set play from a side stack

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Watch the play in full:

GB set up a series of opportunities to throw deep, here setting up a cutter in a side stack to maximise the amount of space and time he has available

Breaking it down

1. Attacking the break side

GB set up in a side stack and centre the disc to Josh Briggs. Meanwhile, their first cutter, Justin Foord, goes deep after taking a stutter step under. The thrower looks it off, instead hitting Alexis Long with a break side under.

2. Deep Throw

After catching the disc, the defender moves across to stop the around continuation, which Long takes advantage of by pivoting forwards to throw down the middle of the field. While we can't see the cutter set up his movement, we can see that the disc sits nicely in front of Foord and away from his defender, allowing him an easy catch.