Team Analysis Fury, USA Nationals 2021 (1)

Fury use their cutters to gain yards quickly via a series of under cuts before hitting a perfect throw to the back corner of the end zone

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After fielding the pull, Fury take advantage of some undefended under cuts to quickly move the disc to half field, before using a dish move to set up an isolated deep strike for the goal

Breaking it down

1. Pull Play

Fury begin by running a quick give and go while setting up in a horizontal stack, then immediately look to hit their cutters. The cutter closest to the camera is poached and so stands still, but the marker dives across to prevent this throw. The handler throws a big fake, then hits a second cutter heading laterally across the field; notice the movement of this cutter, firstly away, then open under, than laterally; this is a classic triangle cut. Meanwhile, notice how the cutter in the centre of the field cuts hard away, then under, then away, all the time looking for separation from her marker

2. Away to Under

The central cutter takes a step deep, then turns under for a continuation pass on the open side. The decision to turn under is often based on the defender's position; the defender is backing the cutter, leaving the under completely unguarded

3. Away to Under

After catching, there is no immediate continuation so she pumps a fake then dumps to a handler. Another handler had been pushing downfield on the side of the field closest to the camera; she turns under just as the disc is caught, providing a perfectly timed continuation option. The handler runs downfield, looking for a force middle give and go, but the return pass isn't thrown. This is a good clip to show just how hard the downfield cutters are working, as we see almost all of the Fury players on constant motion to create space for the offence to function effectively.

4. Dish

In almost identical fashion, another Fury cutter turns under to offer an open side pass. A handler then provides a dish pass; note the timing of the cut, waiting until the disc is thrown to initiate her cut. This ensures that she gets separation immediately before the next player catches the disc, providing a large throwing window for the dish

5. Diagonal Lead Pass

After her marker moves across to prevent further throws to the far side of the field, the thrower pivots to the near side and throws a diagonal lead pass to the far corner. The receiver's defender gives up, a huge mistake as the disc hangs and she may well have had a bid on it. Instead, it is an easy goal.