Whole Cup – with Wings by Jodie Palmer


A cup aims to stay together as a unit and shut down their respective priorities as the disc moves back and forth across the field. Later, open and break side wings work to prevent the disc being advanced after swing passes.

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Set up initially with 3 handlers and 2 poppers on offence and the mark, break, centre and alley on defence. The drill area is the width of the field and ~20m depth. When the open and break side wings are added to the defence, increase the area depth to ~25m and ~30m respectively.


On defence, Mark > Break > Center > Alley (> Open Side Wing > Break Side Wing). On offence, Handler > Popper.

Step 1

Image of Whole Cup - with Wings
  • The handlers move the disc between each other as before while the poppers move around behind the cup.
  • The mark and break maintain their priorities as in Mark and Break, while the centre and alley set up to prevent throws going between them to the poppers.
  • The aim of the cup is to stay together as a unit and shut down their respective priorities as the disc moves back and forth across the field.
  • When the cup become comfortable with the movement, the handlers can throw through to the poppers if opportunities arise.

Pre-Requisite Drills:


  • Jodie Palmer says:

    You can control the amount of movement allowed by the handlers and poppers to make the drill easier or harder for the defence.

    In this iteration it is critical for the cup to head check for where the offensive players are and stop throws to those players when the disc moves, as the cup is weakest when moving. This is when throws through the cup are most likely to happen.

    No overheads allowed until the break side wing has been added.

    While poppers and handlers should be told not to crash through the cup in the first variant, they should be encouraged to do so in later variants.

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