Rondo by Dominick Smyth


A group of attackers, in a circle, attempt to keep possession away from a small number of defenders inside the circle.

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Players set up in a circle, roughly 2-3m between each person. Defenders go into the middle of the circle. Aim for a ratio of 3 attackers to 1 defender.


Attacker <> Defender

Step 1

Image of Rondo
  • Three quarters of players in a circle (roughly 6 to 10) pass the disc among themselves, while defenders (2 or 3) attempt to make an interception.
  • After a turn over, the thrower/receiver swap with a defender based on who threw the disc away or dropped the disc and who got the interception or has been defending the longest.
  • A variety of optional rules can be used:
  • Not allowed pass back to last thrower.
  • Not allowed throw to person immediately on left/right/both.

Pre-Requisite Drills:



  • Dominick Smyth says:

    Throwers should look to throw to fellow attackers that defenders aren't stopping or for gaps between defenders.

    As throwers grow in confidence, faking throws will allow them to manipulate defenders and move them away from the intended target area.

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