Positioning Vertical Stack as disc moves downfield by Brummie


Use this drill to teach your team to move downfield in vertical stack early and effectively in order to maintain flow

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A handler, A, starts with the disc in the middle of the width of the field. All remaining players start in a stack, with the front player, H, no further than 8m from the disc, and the stack angled directly down the middle of the width of the field. The back player in the stack, B, should be no more than 12m from A.


A > B > C > E > F > G > H

Step 1

Image of Positioning Vertical Stack as disc moves downfield
  • Set up in a vertical stack.
  • B cuts away.


  • Brummie says:

    When first used, it is best to ask your players to only throw to the underneath cuts; this gives everyone practice running the shapes. As they get more comfortable, look to move on to ‘String’

    Likewise, it’s best to start by throwing slowly and not running at 100% until everyone is comfortable with the movement. Progress to game speed as soon as people are comfortable with what is expected of them.

    This drill is great for timing cuts and practicing repositioning the stack in response to disc movement. If you have lots of people at practice, start them in groups of 6 near one endzone and allow them to flow all the way down to the other end of the field; you can start the next group once one group gets to the halfway line.

    Try to keep the disc in the centre third of the field. If you start to move the disc to the sideline, then be sure to check out ‘Positioning Vertical Stack as the Disc Swings’ and angle the stack accordingly

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