Open to Break Lateral by Brummie


This pattern is a staple in ultimate, and worth practicing. It's a great method for clearing space as well as being a viable threat, and can lead to easy continuation on the break side

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A handler, A, starts with the disc in the middle of the field, marked by D1.  A cutter, B, stands 10m downfield, facing A.


D1 > A > B

Step 1

Image of Open to Break Lateral
  • B cuts towards the open side; A fakes at this cut

Pre-Requisite Drills:



  • Brummie says:

    Remember to cut to the open side, then have a sharp change of direction before heading to the break side. This is likely to generate separation from your defender, and also ensure that you can take advantage of the The Undefended Channel

    Be sure to keep your hips facing towards the thrower as you turn; this makes it easy to maintain eye contact and maximises the amount of time that the thrower has to make a pass

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